Jason Ebeyer is a highly-regarded contemporary artist with a global reputation for his distinctive and evocative style. 

His work explores themes of romanticism and eroticism, often depicting elevated figures in nostalgic environments. Through his art, he seeks to capture and express the emotional power of these themes, creating a unique fusion of softness and intensity.

In addition to his talent as an artist, Jason is known for his versatility and ability to work in a range of mediums. He creates both digital and physical artworks, experimenting with different techniques and materials to achieve the desired effects. His art has been exhibited in galleries and at events around the world, earning praise from critics and fans alike for its bold and striking aesthetic.

Throughout his career, Jason has collaborated with a number of notable figures in the art world, including Madonna, Steven Klein, Tom of Finland, and Vogue Italia. These partnerships have allowed him to push the boundaries of his art even further, and have helped to solidify his reputation as a leading figure in the contemporary art scene.

Jason currently resides in Melbourne, where he continues to create new works for public exhibition and select clients. 

He remains dedicated to exploring and expressing the full range of human emotions through his art, and continues to captivate audiences with his unique and provocative vision.